Selling on Twigged

What it means to sell on twigged.

twigged is a platform for people to access all sorts of beautiful things in the one place. We aim to provide consistency in quality from our sellers and alignment with our environmentally friendly views. Using twigged is a way to make an impact in the way your product goes to market, and a relatively affordable way to push change in the right direction.


► We don’t have any listing fees for our sellers. If you don’t sell anything, we don’t charge anything.

► There is a flat 10% fee on all sales. This fee goes towards getting people to use our platform, keeping the lights on and possibly most importantly planting a tree for every time someone checks out.

We feel this is a pretty fair way of doing business. There aren’t any hidden fees or charges. Full transparency in the way we run twigged is important to us and no doubt anyone who uses twigged.

If you have something, anything you want to sell. Either register, or login if you already have an account and start listing!

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